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Nick Riley is a fast emerging U.S Country Rock guitarist, singer, and songwriter hailing from Minneapolis, MN.  Riley brings an array of influence to his country music that encompasses an edgy bluesy rock into his style. This unique blend results in a distinctive sound that is swiftly earning fans from a variety of quarters. When asked to describe the music he plays, Riley's response is one of authenticity. "I play what's from the heart, because that's really the only thing that will reach the heart.  I have remind myself of this every time I write a new song. Otherwise I find myself trying to write through a bunch of filters that aren't really me."

Riley has established a formula for success that honors his individual strengths and harmonizes to produce music that has a life and spirit all its own. Rather than focusing on a specific musical genre or style, Nick Riley performs with a creative spontaneity that's both refreshing and fun for the listener.  When you hear him live you'll experience a sound that's being birthed right out of the moment that's sure to bring you back for more!